Whataplace! – Save your favorite locations and search for interesting places near you.


Save, seach and share places of interest near you.

Whataplace allows you in a single app save, search and share your favorite places.


Whataplace automatically saves the coordinates and address of the site where you are located and allows you to select a category and add a description and a  photo of the place in an optional way.

Whataplace can store the coordenates of a place even without Internet connection.

As soon as the connection is recovered, it will automatically display us the address of the saved location.


A great use of this app is, for example , remember where we have parked our car, the address of that restaurant we’d come back later, that store where we have seen something interesting or wherever you want to go back and not forget the location.

Whataplace lets you save as many places as you like and can change its description , category and photo later or delete them .

Then you just have to select the site you want to go back and  Whataplace shows us the path, giving us the option to open  in the browser device GPS our coordinates to reach the desired location.

captura_mapa_deviceTo activate the option map,  Whataplace  finds the shortest and more accurate route to your destination, will show you the best way: on foot, by car, public transport and the time it will take you to reach the same. Never ever get lost with GPS navigation.


Whataplace also has a search engine where you can find interesting places close to you. These data are collected from Google Places.

It will be very  useful  when we are travelling and want to search for accommodation, car parks, petrol stations, campings, spas, parks, airports, schedules of bus, train, subway. If we get sick in our vacation we can find pharmacies, hospitals and health centres closer and even veterinary if the patient is our mascot.

You can choose between more than 100 categories among already predefined standard searches, also has a search engine where you can write a free text.

Whataplace will show you the web and phone the site if available,  opening and closing times, as well as user ratings.We can  book a room in a hotel or order fast food for example, just with a single click.

Places  that are found by predefined searches  could be also included in your customized list in order to come back later , to share etc.


We  can  share our favorite places with our friends, family… via email, Google +, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network that we have installed in our mobile.

Whataplace is the easiest way to share your location with anyone in real time safely. It is not necesary a register, neither  administrate a new social networking. Recipients receive a link that allows them to see your location and your estimated time of arrival in Google Maps.

So, it wil be very helpful in the next situations:

-Recommend someone a place or to tell someone  where exactly we stand, then  they  could come to  pick us up.

-Notify to somebody of we are in a  traffic-jam and are going to be late.

-Guarantee that your loved ones know your location when you are going for a bike ride or jog .

– Direct emergency equipments to you quickly in case of accident.
We can also share those places that we have sought and have surprised us and  suggest  to our friends, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues or even coordinate a fun night with buddies.

To sum up,  Whataplace plays a triple role in a single app , recall sites you want to go back , find nearby points of interest and share all of them. So, it is a very helpful tool when you’re travelling or in an unknown place.

“Whataplace” is available in five languages: idiomas-marco



-Euskera (Basque)



If you want to change your device’s language, go to “Settings” and  choose your language.


The app is available for free for Android devices on Google Play :


It will be available also for iOS devices soon.

The app is available for only 0.99€ for iOS on App Store: